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(2018). ZenStates: Easy-to-Understand Yet Expressive Specifications for Creative Interactive Environments. In VL/HCC 2018, Lisbon, Portugal.

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(2017). Exploring Playfulness in NIME Design: The Case of Live Looping Tools. In NIME 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark.

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(2015). What does “Evaluation” mean for the NIME community?. In NIME 2015, Baton Rouge, USA.

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Recent Projects



A direct music authoring system where the keyboard becomes a central programming primitive (2018)

Steal & Repeat Machine

A live looper based on direct manipulation of sound (2017)

Insertions into Mediatic Circuits

Software tools for realtime subversions of social networks’ live video streams (2016)

29 de Abril

3D game-portrait of the day when more than 200 people were hurt by police forces, ordered by Parana state government, in Brazil (2015)


Collaborative research project for designing music performance interfaces for Northeastern Brazil popular music (2013-2015)

Illusio Looping Machine

A live looper based on sketching your own loop controls in a multitouch table (2011)

Executable memories (

18 personal poems written in Python programming language, documenting people, places, and moments lived during a six-months trip (2012)

Ada v2.0b

A Python-written programmer machine that live codes sound in Pure Data. Its performances are based on the activity of its own kernel (2010)


Collaborative guerrilla workshops introducing artists to creative computational practice in Brazil (2010-2012)

Marvim Gainsbug

Chatbot that gathers social network messages to improvise live music, with lyrics and harmony. (2009)


Other new media projects (2009-2014)