Insertions into Mediatic Circuits

Insertions into Mediatic Circuits

1) There are in society certain mecanisms for circulation (circuits);

2) These circuits clearly reflect the ideology of the producer, but at the same time it is possible they could receive insertions while they circulate;

3) This always happen whenever someone starts it.

Cildo Meireles, 1970.

“Insertions into Mediatic Circuits” were a series of short media interventions (insertions) where social networks’ live video streams were copied, modified, and finally streamed back to social networks in realtime, while the original live stream still occurred. The new stream was almost identical to the original one, except for the insertion itself.

Collaborators and I have put together some software tools to work with such insertions. More information is available on Github.



I also carried out two workshops to introduce artists to these insertion tools:

Example image

Jeronimo Barbosa
PhD Candidate, Music Tech