Illusio Looping Machine

Illusio Looping Machine

Illusio is a live looping tool that enables musicians to sketch their own loop controls in a multitouch table. Illusio has received the support of Rumos Ita├║ Cultural Arte Cibern├ętica 2009, and was shortlisted in the Interaction Design Association (IxDA) Interaction Awards 2013.

The Illusio was prototyped in Processing and Openframeworks, in 2011. More information can be found on my old website.

Some video material presenting the Illusio and its motivation:

Jeronimo Barbosa
PhD Candidate, Music Tech


(2013). Illusio: A Drawing-Based Digital Music Instrument. In NIME 2013, Daejeon, Korea Republic.

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(2012). Considering Audience's View Towards an Evaluation Methodology for Digital Musical Instruments. In NIME 2012, Ann Arbor, USA.

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