29 de Abril

29 de Abril

In April 29th 2015, in Curitiba, Brazil, more than 200 people were hurt (mostly civilian teachers) as a result from a brutal action from the police forces, following direct orders from Paraná state’s government.

The institutional violence made headlines in Brazilian and international media. Teachers were protesting against reforms on their social security system when the police attacked with bombs and plastic bullets. More than 15 policemen refused to attack and were arrested, threatened with dismissal. A depressing plot, ready to be used by violent games such as “Call of Duty” and others.

Starting with this provocation, working at the same time as a melancholic portrait in times of austerity, manifestations, and steady rise of conservatism in Brazil, the project “29 de Abril” was born.

“29 de Abril” is a 3D First Person Shooter, in which you play a policeman in charge of repressing teachers - under threats of arrest and dismissal in case of refuse. The action takes place during the last 30 seconds that precedes the approval of the changes in the social security system, voted a few meters away, inside Parana’s legislative assembly. The hostile environment was rebuilt based on reports of the day and 3D models available on Internet.

“29 de Abril” is an open-source non-profit artistic work. It is dedicated to all people hurt and arrested (both teachers and policemen) in that cloudy afternoon in Curitiba.

More information—including full credits and download—is available on my old website.

Jeronimo Barbosa
PhD Candidate, Music Tech