pyPd – using Pure Data inside Python!

May 8, 2009

this tool is out-of-date. please, check out Pyata project!

today i have a great announcement: pyPd! this is the project that has been keeping me busy for a while…

pyPd is a multi-platform and open-source python library that allows people to use Pure Data just like an API. in other words, it is an abstraction to Pd, that can be used for doing everything that Pd can do, but without opening Pd interface in a direct way.


sample of Pd patch. with pypd, you can now build one of this using python!

it was developed using a technique known as “dynamic patching” (already cited in this blog), which is based on dynamic creation of Pd objects realized through sockets. this means, for example, that we can create a [osc~ 440] object sending to Pd a specific message through sockets.

so what basically the library does is to receive the commands given by users, transforming them into the equivalent message. these messages are sent to Pd, that processes them like they were a patch running inside Pd (a virtual patch), generating results. after that, these results are reloaded again into the python program through simple file reading, what allows it to be always updated according the “virtual patch”.

it’s important to notice that no gui is shown during this process. Pd runs in -nogui mode, so all interaction happens through messages by sockets and file reading!

this first version is quite simple. it includes just:

  • object creation, edition and remotion (object, number, comments, symbols and messages)
  • connection management (connect and disconnect objects).

for further reading, the project (including the source) is available at:

get started reading the tutorial! it’s not hard indeed!

ps: pyPd… till now i don’t have a better name… suggestions?

further informations

[1] about Pure Data

[2] pyPd project on google code

[3] getting started with pyPd

[4] about dynamic patching


i’ve got a lot of news… here comes some of them:

  • yeah… i was not selected to participate of gsoc this year, but that’s ok… maybe next year? the entire list of projects selected by NUIGroup can be checked here. congrats and good luck for all students!
  • but… anniec, member of wouwlabs, had her proposal accepted! this is just awesome! congrats anniec!!! we all are with you!!!
  • well… i’m fired! crisis to blame… now i have more time to lead with my thesis… =P
  • a new tbeta (aka CCV –Community Core Vision) is out! go and check it!
  • it’s been a long time without posts and i’m sorry for that. i spent the last three weeks taking care of my life and thinking about what the hell i’m gonna do after graduated… so i didn’t give too much attention to the blog…

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