osc in quartz composer

March 16, 2009

last post i talked about quartz composer, a apple technology focused on graphics that i’m using in a project. in spite of the compliment i did, in this post i bring bad news…

first of all, i wanted to use osc protocol with qc. after some search, i found a excellent post about the theme at rubberhawk’s blog, that in fact really works. it made me think that things were going to be easy… but they were not.

as soon as i tested the osc patch i noticed that something was wrong. in my project, there’s a tracking module, made with openframeworks, that sends through osc the coordinates of the tracked object. there is no problem with it, but the qc module that received this information sometimes had its signal “broken”, and all my variables turned to zero for some miliseconds.

i got very confused with this incomprehensible problem, but – after some hours of useless search – i found out: yes, it’s a quartz composer bug (you can check it out here): no one knows what exactly happens, but the fact is that osc quartz objects have some problems… i really hope that apple could fix it soon!

in my case, i began to look for multicast udp communication and this quite fits my needs. who knows it doesn’t fit yours? (check this link).

ps: by the way, the guy that wrote this is a genius.


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