quartz composer

March 11, 2009

quartz composer (qc) is a visual programming enviroment largely used by VJs (mainly with others softwares like VDMX5) freely provided by apple, making part of osx development enviroment (unhappily, just for this plataform…) and focused on rendering and processing graphical data. it looks like vvvv for windows, but i think that it’s more clean and organized (a more detailed comparison, here).

picture of a qc code and its equivalent program

the first time i heard about it was some days ago, when braga and i were studying mapping techniques. after reading some nice tutorials (check these out: here, at mac apper, here, a youtube video by irishman, and here, a vimeo video by Christopher Wright – all strongly recommended for those who want to learn qc), i felt that i was able to start coding. i did it and, not a surprise, it was very very intuitive and easy. something arround an hour later, i had my first program: a crazy cube whose faces i mapped images from a webcam and spins according the sound that a microphone gets. here’s some shots:

so, if you are on a mac and need good graphics, quartz composer is certainly a good try.

ps: in fact, we are now using qc in a project called kaly yuga. i hope to talk more about it soon =D .

further informations
[1] about quartz composer
[2] site with lots of intersting samples for quartz
[3] about vvvv
[4] differences between quartz and vvvv


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