and finally… mapping technique!

March 5, 2009

it’s been a long time since i talked in my old blog about antvj and mapping technique (link in portuguese). in that time, i had no idea of how they could do that awesome stuff. in that time.

using vvvv (like pd, it’s a visual programming language, but focused on graphics), braga and i started to play with the technique. unhappily, we still don’t have such incredible thing that they do, but we are studing!

further informations and explanations at braga’s blog (link in portuguese). that’s not dificulty, in fact it’s very easy (more than we think). check it out!

next steps: automatizated detection of edges and lines, in antivj style! maybe bisoiando (a python module about shapes tracking that i wrote sometime ago) could help us!

further informations

[1] about mapping technique (here – on youtube – and here – on the vvvv wiki)
[2] about antivj
[3] about vvvv


2 Responses to “and finally… mapping technique!”

  1. braga Says:

    great, jera!

  2. […] todo o conteúdo deste site está licenciado sob uma Licença Creative Commons. « and finally… mapping technique! […]

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