tuio and processing

February 18, 2009

tuio (already quite commented in my old blog, especially here) is a communication protocol built to lead with multitouch technology, using OSC protocol to work. it is one of the most important elements in this kind of project, because it allows you to build multitouch applications using several kinds of technologies (you can find simple client samples of tuio working with others languages here, at reactivision’s page). this is a simple scheme of how tuio works:


one of these nights i was wondering by myself: we have a multitouch table. i’m studing processing – by the way, an awesome language to work with dynamic graphics. so, why not a little project that merges both tecnologies? searching for ideas among processing samples, there’s one fun and ludic that has called me attention: the yellowtail.

yellowtail is a cool and simple (and useless, by the way…) processing application, that let me once like a fool seeing it working over half a hour =P … could you imagine that on a mutitouch surface? project in mind, hand on the code. the results can be watched above.

the source code can be downloaded through svn at:

further informations

[1] about tuio
[2] about processing
[3] about our work with multitouch (in portuguese);
[4] page with samples of tuio working with others languages;


3 Responses to “tuio and processing”

  1. jesus Says:


    oq explicitamente vc teve q mudar/adicionar no código do exemplo original ?

  2. jeraman Says:

    basicamente foram duas coisas:
    1- colcocar o tuio, de modo que a aplicação passasse a funcionar com a mesa.
    2- modificar um pouco o efeito (em outras palavras, colocar esses rabinhos que se mexem sozinhos)… tá certo a origem dessa modificação foi meio por acaso: foi feita enquanto eu tentava fazer o passo acima… ehehehheeh… mas acabou que o efeito ficou ainda mais interessante que o original!

  3. […] biggest collaborators to our success building our multi-touch table (here, link in portuguese, or here). it would be a real pleasure to reciprocate them and colaborate with NUI’s […]

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